Words of Emptiness

Night Shadow

I would have filled my words with pain
With suffering and bitter tears
I'd shed for you and shed in vain
If only you had wished to hear

You turn away
I build the wall
There's nothing left for us to say
Why do we have to talk at all

Without you here I draw the line
One step beyond and I am free
Forgetting all that once was mine
Until there's nothing left of me

I wished to fill my words with sense
At least a bit to let you know
But all I had was emptiness.
Forgive. I’ve failed. I have to go.

Старое. Посвящено одному человеку.

@темы: внутри

2010-01-23 в 16:47 

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies, Fairytales of yesterday, will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends!
это то что мы читали в итмо под музыку?))

2010-01-24 в 02:20 

Night Shadow
да, наверное.


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